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Une nouvelle mise à jour pour les Archos 5 et 7

Mercredi 29 octobre 2008 à 10:05 | Dans la catégorie Archos

Archos continue “d’améliorer” ses MIT Archos 5 et 7 en proposant une nouvelle mise à jour firmware pour ces derniers. Estampillée 1.1.01, cette dernière ajoute notamment le mode veille qui n’était pas présent, le support de la FM Remote et corrige un grand nombre de bugs.

Version 1.1.01 - October 28th, 2008


  • System: Use suspend mode for faster start-up (One can still perform full shutdown by pressing ON/OFF button for 4 seconds)
  • Accessories: FM Remote supported (
  • Video: Can now play H264 and AAC codecs in FLV streams (Plug-ins required)
  • Web: On TV, the page scrolls when moving the mouse to the top or the bottom of the screen
  • Virtual Keyboard: Can do Caps Lock with a second click on “Shift”
  • GUI: Full Screen Clock is now displayed only when in Standby or in the Home Screen

Bug fixes:

  • Music: Resume was not working with FLAC files
  • Music: There were some audio drop-outs with high-bitrate FLAC files
  • Music: The download pause/resume menu was not consistent with the actual download state
  • Video: Resume was not available after quitting the player using the Home button
  • Video: Sometimes video playback was not possible after using the photo viewer
  • Video: Sometimes the video search was very slow
  • Video: The device could reboot when playing a video after browsing the web
  • Video: The device could reboot when using “Switch to Adult” in the video browser
  • Web: Remote Control BACK button performed “Quit” instead of “Back”
  • Web: Predefined Yahoo search was not working
  • GUI: the list of scheduled programs was not correctly refreshed when scrolling
  • GUI: Background music was stopped when entering Tools>Settings>Appearance and Tools>Help
  • GUI: The MacOS hidden files were not ignored in the wallpaper selection
  • GUI: Registration and Online Firmware Update could conflict at first use
  • GUI: There were possible conflicts between Scheduled Recordings and Security Code request
  • GUI: There were possible conflicts between Alarm Clock and Security Code request
  • System: TV display was sometimes all pink when using HDMI output with Analog-out audio output
  • System: Wifi region was sometimes not right, which could make channels 12 and 13 unusable

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